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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


A. Meaning Tanwin:
1. Menrut lugot: Rows live together, the two lines together baiak IN AN UN if hamjah.
2. According Language: التنوين هو نون ساكنة تلحق أخر الإسم لفظا لا خطا "Tanwin is haraf dead nun who read often relies on the end kelimah isim diucapannya only, not in his writings"

Example: سميع عليم SAMIIUN ALIIMUN N such that ن (Nun) when the dead so please previous N-IN-rich consonant when كسرة Kasroh (bottom row), the AN when فتحة Fathah (upper straight line) and the UN when ضمة Dommah (top row of the form).

If confronted with another letter:
- Example Lafad:
سميع (SAMIIUN), سميعا (SAMIIAN) and من سميع (MIN SAMII'IN)

- The first letter of Lean:
All letters Hijaiyah start أ (alif) s / d ي (Yes)
in the example above is lafad ع (Ain)

- When is on the line:
UN when ضمة Dommah (top row of the form) = سميع (SAMIIUN)
AN when فتحة Fathah (upper straight line) = سميعا (SAMIIAN)
IN when كسرة Kasroh (bottom row) = من سميع (MIN SAMII'IN).

- At the end of the line of Nun (ن) of breadfruit:
ضمة Dommah = N
فتحة Fathah = N
كسرة Kasroh = N

Wallohu knows best!.




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