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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Short Size

Short Size
The definition of long opponent with no hum (بلا غنة / بدون غنة) probably just wrote its Arabic language (not long reverberation) or should not be long (بلا مد / بدون مد) because there are no letters long (مد) in reading the letter hijaiyah which together with the Other letters, measure to the Bayan (obviously) with:

1. Bayan in subsection Idhar:
The language (لغة) levels clearly, pertela, visible and the same language about it, while according to the terms of Experts Tajweed; "Removing the origins of something appropriate place hiruf hujaiyah discharge,
By kayyid (provision) When the meeting between haraf nun (ن) is dead (سكن) with salatu letters six (6), namely;
1). Hamza (أ) and Ha (ه) out of أقص الحلق Center (Esophagus)
2). Ain (ع) and Ha Small (ح) out of وسط الحلق (Middle Esophagus)
3). Ghin (غ) and Kho (خ) out of عدن الحلق (Edge Esophagus)
The word kayyid (explanation) Makhorijulhuruf:
ثم لأقص الحلق همز هاء @ ثم لوسطه فعين حاء
أدنه غين خاء إلخ

Hamzah A, I, U (أ, إ, أ) من أمن sample (Man Aamana) how bancanya; clear makhroj Nun (ن) is read as "Mang", "Maan" but lodge a direct "Man" and not long when the breadfruit Nun (ن) met Hamza (أ, إ, أ), begupun Hamzah (أ, إ, أ) shall be in accordance makhrojnya أقص الحلق Center (Esophagus) that the letter is two (2) such Hamzah (أ) and Ha (ه) with length is not between them. "MAN" do not "Maan, MAAAN, MAAAAAN and setersnya more than that, and do not use a good size with hand gestures or other.
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2. Idhar idgom
3. Idgom When Gunnah / bidun gunnah (إدغام بلا غنة / إدغام بدون غنة)
4. Idgom Mutakoribain than haraf gunnah
5. Idgom Mutajanisen than haraf gunnah
6. Mim die in the future other than haraf gunnah
7. Alif Lam Al-Komariyah
8. Alif Lam Ash-Syamsiyah than hadafi haraf gunnah
9. Wakof besides there mad haraf
10. Haraf that in addition there are signs for a long dipaca good position early, middle, or end




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