ILMU TAJWID: Place out a letter in our oral
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Place out a letter in our oral


Makhorijul letter is one of the most important chapter in the science of Tajweed. makhroj recognize letters are prerequisites for reading the Koran properly.

Makhroj (المخرج) the language is: "The place out" (محل خروج)

And the term is:
محل خروج الحرف وتمييزه من غيره
"Place of discharge letters and distinguishing between one letter with another letter."

Places of discharge letters is divided in general and specifically.

Places of out letters in general there are 5:
1. Oral cavity (الجوف)
2. Throat (الحلق)
3. Tongue (اللسان)
4. Two lips (الشفتين)
5. Nasal cavity (الخيشوم)

The letter points out in detail there are 17:
In the book Yaqulu, explains:
مخارج الحروف سبعة عشر * على الذى يختره من اختبر
1. Oral cavity (the three letters mad: ا, و, ي)
2. Larynx (ء, ه)
ثم لأقص الحلق همز هاء
3. Central throat (ع, ح)
ثم لوسطه فعين حاء
4. The tip of the throat (غ, خ)
أدناه غين خاء
5. The rear base of the tongue (ق)
6. Base of the tongue slightly forward (ك)
7. Middle of the tongue with a ceiling (ج, ش, ي)
8. Side of the tongue meets molars (ض)
9. Under side of the tongue after dhad (ل)
10. The tip of the tongue after lam (ن)
11. The tip of the tongue after a nun (ر)
12. The tip of the tongue meets the gum above (ط, د, ت)
13. The tip of the tongue meets the upper end of the front teeth (ظ, ذ, ث)
14. The tip of the tongue between the upper teeth and lower teeth (closer to the bottom) (ص, س, ز)
15. The lower lip meets the inside edge of the upper teeth (ف)
16. Two lips (و, ب, م)
17. Nasal cavity (ghunnah / hum)




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